January Recipe

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January Recipe

Green & Clean Smoothie

This super nutritious cleansing green smoothie has a silky-smooth texture, helping to purify the system and boost skin’s radiance.

Perfect in the morning or any time of the day, as part of your detox plan.


Ingredients – Serves 2

Organic Greens Complex* – 2 tsp
With purifying chlorella and spirulina, helps detoxify and boost vitality

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil* – 1 tsp
Highly nutritious, loaded with health benefits

Chia Seeds* – 4 tsp
A great source of omega-3 and fibre

Turmeric Powder* – ½ tsp
Supports a healthy liver and helps reduce inflammation

Dandelion & Burdock Formula* – 4 ml (Add if you fancy an extra detox boost!)
Detoxifying, supports the body’s natural purification process

Avocado – 1
Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids

Spinach or kale – 1 large handful
Nutrient-rich and loaded with iron, antioxidants, vitamins C & E and potassium

Parsley – 3 sprigs (minus stalks)
Cleansing for the liver and kidneys

Naturally soothing and rehydrating

Lemon juice generous squeeze –
Naturally cleansing and supports healthy digestion

Apple juice or water (if you’re hard core) – 400 ml
Water’s hydrating, and apples support the digestion and are packed with vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, biotin, the list goes on!


Blend it

  1. Blitz all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.
  2. Refrigerate and serve chilled

Cleansing Fibre Blend

Very quick, tasty and easy to make to give your digestive system a spring clean when detoxing. It is also a great bulking fibre blend with soothing properties, to help keep things moving smoothly.


Ingredients – Serves 1

Chia seeds* – 50g
A great source of natural fibre plus omega 3 for digestive health

Psyllium husks* – 25g
Fibre rich Psyllium husks help cleanse and improve digestion

Dried peppermint leaf* – 5 teaspoons
Calming for irritable digestion

Fennel seeds* – 5 teaspoons
Helps ease bloating and wind

Slippery elm powder* – 5 teaspoons
Has soothing properties, which may help to settle digestion

Filtered water – 250ml
Essential hydration



  1. Blitz all the ingredients in the grinder attachment of your blender until it forms a fine powder. Store in a clean, dry jar.
  2. Mix one teaspoon with water, stir well and drink immediately.

Recipes by Tipper Lewis, Naturopathic Herbalist at Neal’s Yard Remedies
*Available in Neal’s Yard Remedies stores & online at nealsyardremedies.com