February Therapy

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February Therapy

Herbal Medicine

Restoring health with the healing properties of plants.

An incredibly natural way to fight illness and boost wellbeing, herbal medicine uses the healing properties of plants to treat and help prevent illness, while supporting the body’s own natural recovery processes.

Helpful for…

A wide range of everyday ailments. Herbal medicine is particularly beneficial for hormonal problems, skin problems, respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, heart and circulatory problems, acute and chronic infections and stress disorders. As your body is strengthened, so is its ability to fight disease.

For certain conditions, treatments can be more effective when combined with another therapy. Ask your practitioner for their recommendation.

What to expect…

Medical herbalism is typically given in the form of herbs, teas, tinctures and tablets.

Your herbalist starts by taking notes on your medical history and asking your current symptoms. From this they’ll be able to prescribe a herbal medicine, and may suggest changes to your diet and lifestyle.

You’ll usually return for a second appointment two weeks later, with subsequent appointments at monthly intervals.


For a full range of treatments offered at your nearest Therapy Rooms, with times and prices, click here or pop in-store.