Anabel Kindersley

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Anabel Kindersley

It’s easy to have that dizzy, scatter-brain feeling when you’re doing too much. But with modern life, it’s often not an option to stop what you’re doing for a moment of clarity. 


Simple steps to clarity


Whenever I feel I’m lacking in concentration, I like to start with some simple measures first. Ensuring I’m getting enough sleep, going for a nice walk (preferably in green open spaces) and cutting down on sugar and caffeine, can really help.


Foods to help your focus

An important factor in helping your concentration is what you eat. Loading up your plate with plenty of leafy green vegetables and snacking on blueberries help – both have been shown to protect your cognitive abilities.


Go technology-free

Adrenaline over-stimulates the brain and can cause scrambled thinking. If you are someone who is fixed to your smartphone (like me!) or are generally busy being the multi-tasker extraordinaire, it can be draining on the brain. I find consciously switching-off and having technology-free time really helps clear my head and focus my thoughts.


Homœopathy can help

As a practicing homœopath, I love helping people to improve their wellbeing naturally. Homœopathy can be a great support in particular circumstances when your brain is being seriously taxed, for example when you have a heavy work load or during stressful exam periods. For children with a lack of concentration, homœopathy can also be hugely supportive. However, it’s always best to see a trained homœopath to assess the full picture – visit for more information.



Anabel Kindersley is co-owner of Neal’s Yard Remedies, mother of two and a practicing homœopath. With a passion for holistic health and wellbeing, she loves helping people on their journey to health and vitality. Using a combination of herbs, tinctures and health-promoting superfoods, Anabel enjoys helping her clients improve their wellbeing through the use of homœpathy. A true brand advocate, she has been using organic ingredients for over 20 years – as part of her natural skincare and beauty routines, as well as through her love of cooking and baking.