May Recipe

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May Recipe

Baobab and Bee Pollen Yoghurt – Serves 1

So easy and delicious the ingredients in this yoghurt will help to support your immune system, helping you cope with seasonal allergies better.



Bee Pollen* – 1 teaspoon
Natural allergy relief

Baobab* – 2 teaspoons
Great pre-biotic for the gut

Chia Seeds* – 1 teaspoon
Omega 3 packed for gut health

Golden Berries* – 10, rehydrated
Vitamin C boost

Organic plain live yoghurt* – 1 small serving
Good bacteria to support gut health

Raw honey – 1 dessertspoon
Traditionally used for hayfever



1. Blend the baobab and yoghurt in a small bowl

2. Drizzle the raw honey over the top

3. Sprinkle the bee pollen, golden berries and chia seeds

4. Add blueberries and pumpkin seeds if you wish


Top Tip
Buy raw honey from a local bee keeper or farmers market. Unless it says raw its been pasturised which can destroy the health giving properties of honey.


*Available in Neal’s Yard Remedies stores and online at