Nicky Clinch

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Nicky Clinch

We are all born with an amazing natural energy resource, which in Oriental Medicine we like to call our Life Qi.

With the fast pace of Western living, I am seeing more clients coming to me depleted in energy leading to all kinds of health issues.

The main culprits are: over-working, stress, excess alcohol, refined foods and excess pharmaceutical drugs.

The long-term goal for optimal energy levels is to follow a balanced seasonal diet free of refined foods, regular exercise, good sleep and balanced emotional health. But for most of us, learning tools to replenish our energy when it’s low is key to keeping ourselves in balance.

Here are some of my top tools for replenishing energy and vitality:


Good Circulation: In Oriental Medicine, our blood represents our Life Qi. If our blood circulation is flowing well so is our energy.


Body Scrubbing: Fill your sink with hot water. With a flannel, scrub your skin in long, firm strokes (directing towards the heart). Continue over your whole body and renew your circulation instantly.


Daily Light Exercise: Moving our body is moving stagnant energy. Finding 30 minuets in your day to move is well worth it.


Bubbling Spring: This is a powerful acupressure point for boosting vitality and is positioned in the bottom of our foot, 4 fingers below the second toe. Press firmly with your thumb and hold for a few minutes. An amazing ‘go to’ point for an emergency vitality boost!


Green Juice: A green juice of 70% – 80% vegetables will boost our body with chlorophyll, nutrients and vitality. Not for the faint hearted but boy does it work!


Home-Cooking: Cook something from scratch regularly! Cutting vegetables, creating & cooking is incredibly grounding, enabling us to stay rooted in our body, replenishing energy and transforming how we feel.


Reduce Stimulants:
Refined sugars and coffee send us on an energy rollercoaster draining our vitality. Simple steps to reduce these can make a dramatic difference. Start by incorporating natural sweeteners and trying green tea a few times a week. A bowl of miso soup each morning instead of coffee gives a great boost of energy whilst replenishing vitality and alkalizing the blood stream. My magic ‘top tip’ to clients and works like a charm!


Emotions are Energy too!
Unexpressed emotions become stagnant in the body draining our vitality. Cry, shout, journal, let it out! I have seen many a client get a big burst of vitality after an emotional release.

Nicky Clinch is a Certified Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Counsellor and Chef who specialises in empowered balanced health that comes from the inside out.
Using her unique technique incorporating Oriental Medicine, Emotional Counselling and her own personal journey of transformation, Nicky connects the emotions we carry to the relationship we have with food and our bodies and believes all three are fundamental pillars to balanced empowered wellbeing. Nicky’s work aims to help us all create solid, sustainable foundations that can last and help us thrive throughout our lives.
Passionate about seasonal wholefood cooking, Nicky’s food is abundant, delicious and nourishing, and she uses all aspects of each ingredient to create balance on the plate. Combining vast amounts of hands-on experience with her own amazing personal story of transformation spanning the past 15 years – from drug addiction, eating disorders and major health issues, to her beautiful thriving life and health today – Nicky is fast becoming a true pioneer in her field and an inspiring example of all that she teaches.