August Recipe

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August Recipe

Harmony Juice

Perfect for when you’re feeling hot and bothered (and not necessarily with the weather!). With balancing rose infusion and replenishing Goji berries to help you feel cooler and calmer!


Ingredients – Makes 2 long glasses of heaven

Roses, Pink Dried Herb* – 3 teaspoons

Confidence & Power Bach Flower Essence Blend*– 4 drops
Helps to bring assertiveness and inner strength

Goji berries* – 6 teaspoons
Powerhouses of vitamins and minerals

Watermelon – 600g

Vanilla pod – 1, de-seeded

Ice cubes – 12



  1. Rehydrate the Goji berries in a little water for several hours and then purée.
  2. Make a rose infusion using 3 teaspoons of pink rose buds in a cup of boiling water. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes, then allow to cool.
  3. Take the chilled watermelon, remove pips and chop.
  4. Add all ingredients to your blender including the goji berries, watermelon and rose infusion.
  5. Blitz and serve immediately.
  6. If you’ve decided to cocktail, this is cool and crisp with Vodka!


Recipe created by Tipper Lewis, Naturopathic Herbalist at Neal’s Yard Remedies
*Available in Neal’s Yard Remedies stores and online at