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Rebecca Campbell

10 meditations for releasing stress and connecting with your soul


Committing to daily meditation is the best decision I ever made and has changed my life in more ways than I can count. I’ve seen countless transformations happen in clients and students when they incorporate meditation into their daily life.


The health benefits of ‘zen-ing out’ are well known, but I think meditation is truly life changing because it can improve your relationship with your inner self (your spirit, soul), helping you to differentiate between the voice of your intuition and the voice of your ego (stress, fears).


Your intuitive self (soul/spirit) is the wise part of you, the part of you that is connected to all of life. It’s the inner voice that is always waiting to guide you, every moment of every day. It knows which job to take, what book to read, what to create and what food is best for your body. It is always whispering, but in order to hear it, we need to put time aside to connect to it and listen.


Committing to a daily spiritual practice doesn’t have to take hours, just 10 minutes a day can do the trick. You don’t need to sit cross-legged on a pillow to meditate. Here are 10 different types of meditation that may help you connect with your intuition and inner self.


1. Written Meditation

Written meditation is great when you have a lot going on in your head. Grab a pen and a notebook and, at the top of the page, write ‘My soul is calling me to…’ Then just let yourself write. It doesn’t need to make logical sense, just write down everything that comes to mind.


2. Light Sourcing

The form of spiritual practice that I find best helps me to fall into flow with the universe is Light Sourcing. It helps connect you to and align you with the unlimited light Source of the Universe. If you can achieve that, you should be flowing with it and in a state to receive everything that is ready to come to you. This should help your cells to align with the same power that governs the spinning of the planets, the tides, and the moon ­– all of it. Within a month of doing this practice my life began to change. Download a free version here.


3. Walking Meditation

One of my favorite tools for increasing intuition and getting into the flow of life is to spend time in nature doing a practice I call ‘Intuitive Walking’. Just find a large natural space – ideally a park, beach or forest ­– and allow yourself to be guided by your environment. If you feel yourself being led to a big tree, walk to the big tree. If you find yourself being led to lie on the earth, lie on the earth. If you feel yourself being guided to smell a flower, smell the flower. Notice the beauty around you. Trust the process as you are allowing nature to intuitively guide you home.


4. Breathing Meditation

This is a great one to do absolutely anywhere! You can be on the bus, in a meeting or sitting at your desk. Simply breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds and breathe out for eight seconds.


5. Visual Meditations

If you are a visual person you may prefer to do a visual meditation like this one:

6. Dancing meditation

Create a playlist of songs that really move you and let the music dance you. Hearing your intuition is one thing, allowing it to move you is something else. Dancing meditation encourages your body to be moved by your intuition.


7. Chanting

Chanting is the practice of singing divine names in repetition. It is a form of vibrational healing, as the sound waves reverberate through your body, bringing it back to harmony. There are 84 meridian points on the top of the mouth that are stimulated when we chant. These stimulate the hypothalamus, which stimulates the pineal gland, which stimulates the entire glandular system — which is why it makes you feel so darn good.


8. Baby Rose Tea Meditation

Make your morning tea a ritual. Get some beautiful tea (my favourite is using Roses Pink Dried Herb from Neal’s Yard Remedies) and take 11 minutes to consciously savour the tea. Focusing on the water-changing colour as it infuses, the steam coming off the cup, the delicious taste and sensation as you consciously sip it. You can also focus on what you would like to call into your life and imagine yourself receiving it as you drink the delicious tea.


9. Inner Light Meditation

Buy yourself a special scented candle. Set your timer for 11 minutes and light the candle. Draw your attention to candle flame. As it flickers and dances, imagine your own inner light growing brighter and brighter.


10. Body Scan

Put aside 3-10 minutes for this one. With your minds eye, begin scanning your body from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head, noticing any part of your body that feels a bit stuck energetically. When you find an area that feels a bit stuck or heavy, ask yourself: What is causing this stuck energy? What is it trying to tell me? What does my body need in order to release it?

Which of the above meditations light you up the most? Try one of them for 21 days and watch as the universe begins to bend towards you.

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is a best selling author of Light Is The New Black and spiritual teacher. Her second book, Rise Sister Rise, is out now: