August – Women’s Health

Throughout a woman’s life, there are many times when a little support can make a big difference. Whether your dealing with hormonal changes or experiencing the challenges of pregnancy, here are just a few natural remedies to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Monthly pick-me-ups

During your time of the month, ease stomach cramps with an infusion of raspberry leaves and chamomile, or add Rose or Marjoram Essential Oil in a base oil to a warm bath.

Baby & me

Becoming a mum is incredibly exciting, but pregnancy can take its toll. A lemon balm, ginger and meadowsweet infusion may help ease nausea, while a warm wet, flannel with a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on your stomach is both soothing and calming.

Banish hot flushes

A massage or warm bath oil infused with calming Cypress Essential Oil can help to ease hot flushes.

Take care of your health, beauty and all-round wellbeing with our selection of Natural Women’s Health.

For breakfast, start your daily wellbeing regime with a fruit juice or smoothie with added Omega 369 Organic Oil Blend for healthy skin, bones, heart and joints. Now’s the perfect time to take a daily brain and body-boosting Vitamin B Supplement, perfect for hectic lives and active minds.

On busy days, during your period or menopause, or just when you feel in need of a little harmony, add a few drops of Womens Balance Aromatherapy Blend to an aroma diffuser, it smells wonderful as it calms and relaxes. Keep Confidence & Power Flower Essence Blend in your bag – a few drops under the tongue bring assertiveness and inner strength.

In the evening, or just during busy days, add Rhodiola Powder to a hot milk drink, this SuperFood helps your body cope with stress.