December – Digestive Health

Whether you’ve simply overindulged, have indigestion or suffer from bloating, it’s good to know there’s a natural solution to get you back to normal.

Easy fixes

Simple things like eating plenty of fibre and essential fatty acid-rich foods, chewing your food properly, reducing stress and getting enough sleep all help.

Bacteria to love

Not all bacteria is bad. Bacteria living in your gut may impact positively on your weight, fat and good cholesterol levels, factors necessary to help maintain a healthy heart.

Early supper

If you can, avoid eating too late. A hot herbal tea, such as our Organic After Dinner Tea, is also great for helping to settle your tummy before bed.

After a big night out or an indulgent meal, a cup of herbal Organic After Dinner Tea will help to aid the digestion. Likewise, Lucuma Powder, from the South American Lucuma fruit, is a natural digestive tonic, perfect for sprinkling on yoghurt or for sweetening hot chocolate.

Before you go out, and if you wake up feeling a little delicate, take a Pro-Bio Boost to help restore and maintain a healthy gut. For extra support, especially after high living, try our soothing, Aloe Vera Juice, and keep pocket-sized Remedies to Roll for Energy on you for an instant aromatherapy pick-me-up. You’ll be feeling back to normal in no time.