July – Joints

While it’s easy to ignore the odd ache or twinge, it’s important to look after your joints they’ll help you stay supple for longer. A mix of herbal remedies, diet and massage will help strengthen your body while increasing flexibility.

Mediterranean diet

A diet rich in oily fish and vibrant veggies helps keep aches at bay. Try our Omega 3.6.9 Organic Oil Blend with pasta, rice, soups or salads for an easy nutritional boost.

Herbal help

Gentle exercise, such as walking, swimming, yoga and pilates help to keep you active. Use stimulating Arnica Salve before and after exercise to help strengthen and protect your body.

Our Joint Supplement is jam-packed with vitamin C and joint-supporting antioxidant-rich quercetin, to help support tendons, circulation and muscles. If you already suffer from joint pain, it’s a simple way to help reduce inflammation and keep you flexible.

Start your day by adding Ashwagandha Powder in a delicious smoothie at breakfast – known for its ability to calm the nerves and ease anxiety, it is also said to give you the strength and vigour of a horse. If you’re planning an active day, get ready by massaging Arnica Salve into muscles before exercise (and after too!) to help prepare the body and ease over-exertion.

At lunch drizzle Omega 369 Organic Oil Blend over salads and pasta to help reduce joint stiffness and general aches and pains. After lunch take Superfood Joint Supplement with water to help reduce inflammation and keep you flexible.

At home, create a relaxing haven by massaging Ginger & Juniper Warming Oil into stiff or aching joints. The oil contains stimulating rosemary and sage, plus muscle-relaxing essential oils to help ease stiffness and relax tired muscles.