May – Allergies

For most of us, the arrival of spring is a welcome sight. But if you’re one of the 16 million people in Britain to suffer from hay fever, it can be a real pain*. Here are a few of our natural solutions for seasonal irritations.

Soothing herbs

Elderflower is an excellent decongestant, eyebright is helpful for irritated eyes and nettle is a natural anti-histamine – combine the dried herbs into a soothing tea.

For a more restful night

Drying clothes and bedding indoors means pollen can’t stick to them. For an extra restful night, keep your bed pollen-free by covering it with a spare sheet during the day.

Enjoy the outdoors

Treat yourself to a pair of wrap-around sunglasses – they’ll help keep pollen out of your eyes. Finally, sip a cup of Organic Summer Tea and let someone else mow the lawn!



Help keep allergies at bay with our Natural Allergy Kit – now only £28 (normally £33.69) during May only.

Start your day with a calming cup of Organic Summer Tea, and soothing Quercetin & Nettle Complex – a nutritional supplement with vitamin C to support the immune system, followed by a sprinkle of protective Bee Pollen over your cereal. Keep a pocket-sized Soothing Skin Salve with you, and help yourself to a shot of Nettle Tincture in a little water, a fantastic unsung hero perfect for this time of year. Before you head out the door, don’t forget to apply soothing White Tea Toning Eye Gel around your eyes – keep it in the fridge to make it even more blissfully cooling and refreshing. Now you’re ready to tackle the day and whatever the wind brings your way.

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