April Therapy

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April Therapy


Stimulates your body’s own healing processes

Working on the principle that ‘like cures like’, this gentle yet effective form of medicine uses remedies made from specially prepared and highly diluted substances. In their original form, these substances produce equivalent symptoms to help trigger the body’s own natural system of healing.

Helpful for…

All ages and conditions, homoeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This therapy is often used for stress-related disorders that may affecting your ability stay focused and on top of your increasingly busy life, as well as reproductive, digestive and respiratory disorders, and for maintaining day-to-day health.

Whether it’s studying for exams, delivering an important work project or even icing a cake, Homoeopathy can help.

What to expect…

Your Therapist will start by getting to know you through asking questions about your diet, mood, sleep and dreams to create an individual case history. They will then carefully analyse your case before prescribing a tailored homoeopathic remedy, or combination of remedies based on your answers.

Seeing a qualified practitioner gives you the opportunity to discuss your condition with a professional with years of training and experience.


For a full range of treatments offered at your nearest Therapy Rooms, with times and prices, click here or pop in-store.