March Recipe

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March Recipe

Sleepy Time Milk – Serves 1

Enjoy a restful night with Ashwagandha and Rose steeped in warm milk and drizzled with honey.


Ashwagandha Powder* – 1 teaspoon
Helps to calm the nerves and ease worries

Unwind Flower Essence Blend* – 4 drops
Can bring welcome relief when it’s difficult to relax and switch off

Rose Tincture* – 2-4 ml (or add Rose water instead – 1-2 tsp)
Has natural calming properties

Oat milk – 240 ml (or a milk you prefer)
An alternative to dairy

Honey – 1-2 teaspoons (or maple syrup)
A natural sweetener

1. Warm the milk gently in a pan
2. Whisk in the Ashwagandha Powder
3. Add the Rose Tincture/ rose water and honey, stir and serve hot