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Lottie Murphy

As a Pilates instructor, I see a lot of clients who are referred to me after experiencing various joint issues such as hip and knee replacements, back pain or shoulder injuries. Ideally, we should start thinking about the health of our joints before problems start to occur.

I passionately believe that Pilates is the best type of exercise you can do. One of the main principles of Pilates, which is vital for healthy joints, is correct alignment. Poor alignment, muscle imbalance and lack of movement can, over time, put wear and tear on our joints.

Here are some principles you can start putting into practice today for maintaining the health of your joints.


Find Good Posture

Start caring about your posture. Good posture will position the body and the joints into their optimal position for movement. Good posture and alignment throughout the whole body is crucial for safe movement. Proprioception is the awareness of where the joints are in space. Try standing against a wall and notice the parts of your spine that make contact. Also, try and avoid sitting for too long during the day.


Muscle Tone

Stability of our joints is key to keeping them healthy so we must work towards having good muscle tone and muscle balance around the main joints like the shoulders, hips and knees. Pilates exercises can be great for working the deep intrinsic muscles around a joint, which help restrict unwanted movement in a joint. You can work towards a toned body with regular daily conditioning exercises.


Body Awareness

Pilates will improve your body awareness in every day life. Joint injuries may occur if you have poor body awareness for example you might be standing with your knee twisted or go to reach for something behind you and overstretch. Becoming more body aware will make you more conscious of your every day movements and how your body is feeling. You can then make necessary adjustments or seek advice if you are concerned with something you notice. Try my Mindfulness Pilates Routine to become more body aware.

Staying Healthy

It’s also important to maintain a healthy weight to prevent extra pressure on your joints. Watch portion sizes, eat lots of colourful veggies and try to include some omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and my favourite, mackerel.


Join Lottie for Pilates at the Lorna Jane Active Living Room in Covent Garden every Tuesday evening 6:15pm. Book online by visiting: www.lornajane.co.uk.


Photographer- Gary Morrisoe

Lottie Murphy
Lifestyle Blogger and Pilates Instructor


Lottie’s aim is to share with people the neverending benefits of Pilates as well as to inspire people to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Lottie has practiced Pilates since the age of 16 and fell in love with it whilst at Ballet college where she trained intensely for three years. It was her dedication to Pilates that allowed her to reamin uninjered, fit and healthy during her time there.

Lottie then continued to practice Pilates after dance college and became hooked on Reformer Pilates which made her feel stronger and more flexible than during her dancing days.

Lottie started her blog in 2013 after finding that so many people were searching for answers to become heathier, fitter and happier. She has quickly gained a large following on her social media and her blog and her numbers are growing daily.

Lottie is all about balance, positibity and keeping it simple. Her blog is a mixture of healthy recipes, Pilates workouts, lifestyle tips and honest personal posts.

Discover more about Lottie, and her work, by visiting www.lottiemurphy.com