September Recipe

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September Recipe

Layered Oat & Berry Pot

I love a simple recipe that makes eating healthy easy. This one is especially delicious, easy and so good for the skin and helps to support your inner health for outer beauty.

Loaded with skin loving ingredients like high in fibre chia seeds and omega oil to keep your skin nourished, enjoy fresh for a nutritious breakfast or super snack.


Ingredients – serves 2-3

Omega 3.6.9 Organic Oil Blend* – 4 tsp

Chia Seeds* – 2 tsp per serving

Organic jumbo oats – 100g

Oat milk – 100ml

Coconut milk – 50ml

Pumpkin seeds – 1 tbsp per serving

Mixed berries – 300g

Natural yoghurt – A generous tbsp per serving



  1. Soak the oats overnight in a bowl with the blended oat and coconut milk
  2. Make a compote of fresh berries by roughly blending them in your food processor, then add the Omega 3.6.9 Organic Oil Blend* for your daily dose of essential fatty acids.
  3. In a bowl or pot layer the soaked oats with your pumpkin and Chia Seeds*, natural yoghurt and berry compote.
  4. Enjoy fresh and feed your skin from within.


Top Tip

If the oats are too thick in the morning, simply add a bit more oat milk until you have your desired consistency.


Recipe created by Tipper Lewis, Naturopathic Herbalist at Neal’s Yard Remedies
*Available in Neal’s Yard Remedies stores and online at